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First glance

The Genealogy Project is a record of people that are related by blood or marriage. Moreover, the information is organized on the basis of common ancestry of people, residence in an area, or participation in a common body of social or cultural kind. The emphasis is on the persons or families that originate from areas that have been deserted by Greek orthodox populations as a result of political developments and the creation of nation states in the wider area of Southeastern Europe, Euxine Pontus and Middle East.

The dissolution of many refugee family units and their geographical dispersion, in combination with the destruction or loss of historical evidence relevant to the population, render the reconstruction of family trees the only safe way to connect the descendants to the history of their ancestors. Developments in population and intermarriage after 1922, our program extends to more than one third of the Greek population that is related to the group of Greek refugees of the 20th century. The aim of the project is to offer and safeguard for future generations, the opportunity to know their roots.

The FHW ensures, those who participate in the Project that the submitted information is used solely for the purposes of the project.